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     I have been around pets my entire life and even as a young child, I would be taking collars off pets struck down in auto accidents to notify the owner and helped neighbors bury pets and hold funerals. My compassion was clear but it was not until my late 30's did I finally go into pet loss. I worked as a hunting retriever trainer under famed gun dog master Omar Driscoll for many years and continued this path for the next 6 years. In 1993 I bought my very first yellow lab as an adult. She lived to 12 and passed away in my arms on a beautiful July evening outside. 

     After contacting my vet to drop her off for cremation I arrived at the clinic, filled out paperwork and picked out a urn. It was so empty and impersonal. Days passed and the questions began running through my head--where was she going? Who handles and cremates her? What assurance do I have with her remains? When does she leave the clinic? All questions I have had asked to me already by owners.

     After investigating the pet loss industry and their relations to clinics, I simply had to open my own facility. My findings were less than acceptable and was not surprised by the business model. Unfortunately the industry has been dominated by huge corporations who cover numerous states and service 100's of clinics. They offer low prices to vets who in turn mark up to owners. It is big business in a big corporate world. All without pet owners knowledge. I have been outspoken on this and will continue to inform the public.

     My sister and I are certified operators and go to great lengths to satisfy our clients. We are a small facility housing one incinerator and cater to the pet owners wishes. We use the same or similar ID discs used with humans, cremation certificates and are trained with the same ethics because we understand the depth of the loss.

     We are Christians and believe God loves all his creatures and we simply answered his calling with the gift of compassion and understanding for our pets that give us so much joy.

Joy and Jayme Smith, Rivers Edge Pet Crematory LLC


"Having been a breeder of Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years I have "lost" many of my dearest family members.  It never gets any easier, but the prompt and caring service I experienced with Rivers Edge and the attention to detail has been a true blessing.  I gave my dear friends the best care in life.  I choose Rivers Edge for their transition, this is my final act of love to them.  I would only entrust them to Rivers Edge."
- Margaret Krohn


"Thank you for your help on the day of Jesse's passing. You were very easy to talk to and make arrangements, your sincerity was apparent. We had a huge history and your kindness helped me end our story with peace of mind."

- Linda Arnt retired DVM
"It was so comforting to see the compassion in you when I brought my hunting pal Timber to you for cremation. You allowed as much time as I needed at your facilty to say good bye to him. I can't thank you enough."
- Phil Glatczak